cat & small pet care

Adding value service that yours cat(s) and small pets deserve…

For years now, Happy Pets Services has been providing a reliable visiting service for Cats and other Pets in their own home.

Having your Cat(s) visited at home in your absence saves you the added time and cost of travelling to and from the Cattery and it spares them the trauma of being left in a strange environment.

A home visit is much better for your Pet. So if you are going away and you need peace of mind that your Cat or small pet will be well looked after then Happy Pets Services can help

Happy Pets Services - Chris Stirling
Happy Pets Services - Chris Stirling

You tell us what your pet normally eats and what play, attention and interaction they like, so that life for your pet goes on as normally as possible whilst you are away.

Happy Pets Services is insured to look after Pets in their own home and to provide Home Sitting Services such as watering plants, take in mail, open/close curtains/blinds, switch lights on/off etc.

Please call or email in the first instance. I always try to accomodate local enquiries and you can read what some other Cat or small pet owners think of the service on our “Testimonials” page!