New puppy in your life? – Happy Pets can help:


Border Terrier Puppy.
Bertie Border Terrier Puppy 4 Months

Socialising puppies is a really important and enjoyable aspect of Happy Pets Services range of services.


Cocker Spaniel Puppy visit in East Kilbride
“Bentley” Cocker Spaniel Puppy

I only use “positive reinforcement” as recommended by The Dogs Trust and ADBT (Association for Dog Behaviour & Training). Your pup learns the commands you need them to know and becomes relaxed and confident around other dogs. 

Border Terrier Puppy. Puppy Visit in East Kilbride.
Bertie Border Terrier Puppy 3 months


I do puppy home visits. I teach puppies to walk nicely on a lead, one to one with me and to be confident and relaxed around other dogs by being relaxed, calm, friendly and amenable which enables puppy to feel confident about each encounter.

Happy Pets Services - Chris Stirling

When puppy has had his/her boosters Happy Pets socialises them using a series of one to one introductions to friendly dogs in a natural setting, which I call “Paws-itive interactions”.

This is a great way to ensure your pup develops a confident, positive, and relaxed attitude towards other dogs. I’ve worked this approach with puppies of many breeds including Border Terriers, several West Highland Terriers, Mini Schnauzer, several Cocker Spaniels, Shih-Tzu, Cairn Terrier, Labradors, Jack Russell Terrier, KIng Charles Cavalier Spaniel, multiple Cockapoos, Patterdale Terrier and more. They’ve all developed a great friendly attitude to other dogs and people.


West Highland Terrier Puppy "Piper"
Visiting “Piper” Westie Puppy

See our testimonials page for feedback from clients who talk about how Happy Pets helped with their puppy at this crucial stage in their development.

As a Puppy owner you’re more than welcome to join us on a walk and meet some new furry friends who will help your Puppy find their feet in the doggy world and learn what they need to know!

They are all ready to be friends with your pup and show your him/her how much fun life can be with pals!

I help puppy develop into a dog who is happy and well trained – and it is all based from your home.