Dog Walking

Dog walking services in East Kilbride.

Happy Pets provides small group walks for amenable dogs.

I’ve proved ultra reliable since 2009 and all dogs are walked in a very calm way. My regular walkers, over many years, have all developed to be sociable dogs. We make new friends in passing most days on our walks. 


I don’t offer walks on a short term or intermittent basis for safety reasons: compatibility and being able to allow your dog to walk off lead requires a relationship with the dog.

To aid their development as happy and sociable pets, dogs benefit from regular opportunities to exercise and interact with other dogs, ideally in a natural outdoor environment.

Happy Pets Services - Dog Walking in East Kilbride
Happy Pets Services - Chris Stirling

Your dog will only be walked with friendly dogs, and with maximum six dogs on a walk. They are safe, they can relax and they develop to see other dogs as friends!

I use an estate car so the Dogs get to sit together with their friends –  All the dogs I accept are friendly towards other dogs, no cages are required. The dogs can see out and feel the breeze through their fur, as they go to and from their walks. It’s a perfect set-up for small to medium size dogs.


Also this helps when you want to take them somewhere in the car – they are used to jumping into the car and they associate it with good times!

They look forward to next time, waiting by the door for the familiar sound of the car and bursting out to join the fun when I arrive to collect them!

Your dog will be returned home, dried/paws checked and cleaned and water bowl topped up before being left relaxed and contented to meet you on your return.

I leave a daily diary, so you know all about your dogs walk, who they walk with, what friends we met etc.

Happy Pets Services - Dog breeds - Westie, Cocker Spaniel
Dog Breeds - West Highland Terrier, Mini Schnauzer
West Highland Terrier Belle with Labradoodle Haggis

Group walks last an hour – so including the time to collect furry friends and drop everyone home again after the walk, your dog will be out for around 2 hours to take part in a group walk.

An older dog or puppy may need shorter walks/visits and I will always do what is best for your dog by agreement with you.

Happy Pets Services - FaceBookI also make regular videos and photos of the dogs out having fun, so you can see them playing like these happy dogs.

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